Unique Trading launches Brighto Paints exclusive showroom in Qatar

Unique Trading launches Brighto Paints exclusive showroom in Qatar


It was a manifestation of ever-increasing economic ties between Qatar and Pakistan. A local company has collaborated with Brighto Paints, a premium paint brand from Pakistan, and opened its showroom at Unique Electricals & Building Materials in Al Aziziyah.

Unique Trading Co, a Qatari building material supplying company, recently organised an inaugural ceremony to launch Brighto’s Experience Centre. Pakistani business community members attended the ceremony in large numbers and they were served with traditional Pakistani cuisine after the ceremony.

Syed Ahsan Raza Shah, Ambassador of Pakistan to Qatar, attended the programme as the chief guest. The other prominent persons present on the occasion were: Abdul Rahman Mohammad M al-Muftah, chairman Unique Trading Co; Khawaja Khurram Sikka, managing director Brighto Paints; Imran Rafique, general manager Unique Trading Co; and Abdul Ahad Khan, sales manager Unique Trading Co.
The chief guest, along with the chairman of Unique Trading Co, cut a ribbon to formally launch the Brighto Paints showroom. The organisers and the guests also cut a cake to mark the strong economic bonds between the two countries.

Speaking on the occasion, the ambassador of Pakistan said: “It is indeed a great pleasure being here this evening to join the celebrations of Brighto Paints and Unique Trading Co. I am told that Brighto Paints were introduced in Qatar a year ago and now has become a very successful brand doing very well. My congratulations go to the managing director of Birghto Paints and the chairman of Unique Trading Co.

“You know that Qatar and Pakistan have historically enjoyed very close bilateral relations based on our shared history, culture and heritage. Ever since the independence of Qatar, Pakistan has been a great friend of Qatar and vice versa. The two countries enjoyed very good political, diplomatic, and economic relations. Unfortunately, the economic and commercial relations between our two countries have not been commensurate to the level of political relations. That has been slightly disappointing part of these relations. It is only recently that the bilateral trade has picked up. Especially, since the unfortunate blockade of Qatar two years ago. The trade between the two countries has increased substantially. However, it is still not satisfactory. We need to do a lot here — me and my team in the embassy, our business people back in Pakistan, our business partners in the government of Qatar and the Pakistan business community here in Qatar.”

Al-Muftah, in his speech, praised the brotherly ties between Pakistan and Qatar. He also appreciated the quality of products prepared by Brighto Pains. Mentioning his recent visit to Pakistan and to a Brighto Paint factory, he said that the product would do very well in Qatar.

Highlighting different achievements made by Brighto Paints, Khurram Sikka said that he prayed for the success of the partnership with Unique Trading Co. He said that his company would ensure to maintain its high standards and reputed quality. He expressed his hope that with the help of the Qatari partners, Brighto Paints in years to come would become a leading brand in Qatar.

In his welcome address, Imran Rafique said: “We are opening our exclusive showroom in Qatar. We started Unique Trading in 2003 under the patronage of Abdul Rahman Mohammad M al-Muftah. Initially, we were importing materials from China, India, Pakistan, and the UAE that was the main source. I always had in my mind that one day we would be having some quality brand from any country promoting it in Qatar. I tried so many items from different countries. To be honest, I always felt that there was something missing. Brighto Paints is a very good quality brand. We got in touch with Brighto Paints in December 2017. We visited their factory in Pakistan. I was very impressed with their professionalism. They are following international standards. It was amazing to see the way they are doing research and development. Finally, with support from my company’s chairman, we are launching Brighto Paints in Qatar today.

“I thank the Pakistani embassy, the Pakistan Business Forum and all Pakistani fraternity for their support and confidence they have provided in our success.”